August 28, 2013

We Can Dance If We Want To

We Can Dance If We Want To

Went for a walk with Wife and the boys to the park. They played, we read. Wife's trying to finish re-reading Prisoner of Azkaban before Friday. I'm still working on Master and Margarita.

M and M's a good book, but it would be a lot more entertaining if I were a 1930s Muscovite Communist. Like what WOULDN'T be more entertaining if I were a 1930s Muscovite Communist, right?

I wish men still wore hats. I'd dig a felt fedora. Maybe a bowler.

Have I mentioned that I'm not allowed to wear a baseball cap to work on casual day? Apparently the small amount of respect I've earned from the users would be shattered if they were to see me with a hat on. That's what happened to barbershop quartets, you know. They used to bigger than Jesus. Then they started wearing those straw hats and no one cared for them anymore. True story.

I'm, like, backwards.

I nearly died at birth.
I got married at 19.
I first had sex at 25.
Now at almost 32 I'm getting into collecting comic books.

Next year I may well be wearing diapers.

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